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Newfoundland HVAC employees are our most valuable asset. Ensuring their safety goes beyond the implementation of policies and procedures, safety audits and enforcement of NLCSA regulations. It means empowering employees of our company to become part of the decision making process. Newfoundland HVAC employees are teamed with management personnel to make decisions that will build our company and ensure we succeed in every facet of our business, including safety. Our commitment to safety does not end with our employees. The safety of our contractors, from construction, delivery persons, customers and visitors is an important component of our safety program.

“At Newfoundland HVAC, we are recognized for excellence in the well-being of our people.”
Our Occupational Health & Safety Committee has erased the management/labour line and works as one to develop the safety culture at Newfoundland HVAC. The members of our Occupational Health & Safety Committee have demonstrated strong leadership and commitment to our success. This Committee has developed strong working relationships with the Workers Compensation Board and seeks their knowledge and expertise for use in our day-to-day operation. Our Occupational Health & Safety Committee is not only dedicated to the daily health and safety of all employees, they are also dedicated to their training, education and involvement.

It is through the development and involvement of our employees, and commitment to their well-being that the health and safety of everyone at and associated with Newfoundland HVAC is ensured.

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